Spanish Tapas 

Serrano ham, mild chorizo, manchego, potato tortilla, fried calamari, jalapeno, grilled chilli purée, green olives with chilli pepper

22 €

Italian Antipasto

Pancetta, Parma ham, Mortadella, stuffed mini peppers, mozzarella stick, Provolone PDO, grissini and sun-dried tomatoes

23 €

Friends tray

Bitterballen (6), yakitori (6), wings (4), loempias (6), gouda cubes, salami and ham, sauces and condiments.

33 €

"Crispy Biterballen"

Crispy beef croquettes (10), old fashioned mustard, salad.

10 €

Mixed cocktail party

Salami cubes, white ham and cheese, mustard and condiments

9 €

"Soy Yakitori"

Mini chicken skewers (8) marinated in soy, soy sauce, salad.

11 €

"Texas Style Chicken Wings"

Marinated chicken wings (8) Tex-Mex style, smoked barbecue sauce, salad.

11 €

Mini Bruschetta (8)

Toasted bread, tomato cubes, garlic, onions, basil

12 €